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Hercules 3000
At Pride, we understand that true mobile independence hinges not only on finding the right personal mobility vehicle but being able to easily transport it as well. That was our motivation in designing the Hercules 3000 Lift.
The Hercules Lift is the only lift specifically engineered for Pride products and like the products it was designed to complement, it is strong, durable and dependable. With the Hercules Lift, your only concern in transporting your Pride Mobility Product is the available space in your vehicle. The Hercules will take care of the rest.
Please take an opportunity to read further on about the Pride Hercules Lift.
Up to $1000 is available to help pay for the cost of the Hercules 3000 Lift -
Lifting your Pride Personal Mobility Product into your vehicle is a snap with the Pride Hercules 3000 Lift! The Hercules 3000 was designed with our standard weight Scooters and Power Chairs in mind.
The gearbox location allows greater clearance in height and has a lower center of gravity that makes it much easier to handle during assembly and disassembly. The superior strength and versatile construction maximize available space and makes setup quick and easy. The winch motor uses a dynamic braking system to hold the load at any point.
Various docking devices are available and they are extremely versatile and easily adaptable to any scooter. The Pride scooter attachment has been designed to avoid any altering or cutting of your scooter. Attachments are available that will allow you to leave the seat on your scooter or Jazzy depending on the cargo space of your vehicle.

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One Year Limited Warranty:
For one year from date of purchase Pride Mobility Products Corporation will repair or replace at our option to the original purchaser, free of charge, any of the following parts found upon examination by an authorized representative of Pride Mobility Products Corporation to be defective in material and/or workmanship:
  • Main Frame
  • Electronic switch assemblies
  • Motor/gearbox assembly
Additional Accessories:
C-Arm $125
Corded Hand Remote $455
Docking Device:
Docking Device-Wheelchair $355
Docking Device-Scooter $85
Boom Arm:
Angle Boom Arm-For Mini Van $375
Angle Boom Arm-For SUV $375
Straight Boom Arm $375